Doggy Day Care
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Day Care

As any dog owner would agree, dogs are not very different from people and require many of the same simple things that we doñ food, shelter, love, affection, attention, exercise and social interactions with other dogs. Most of us are very good about providing the first five of these basic elements. The last two however are a different story. Our busy lives often get in the way of providing proper exercise and socialization for one of our most faithful companion.

-Dog owners who work long hours and feel guilty leaving their dog at home - drop them at the Just Like Home on your way to work, let us tire them out, pick them up on your way home.

Dog owners who travel on a regular basis; let us be your pet's home away from home alternative to petsitters, kennels or vets.

Having work done to the house? Workmen in and out? We can make your life easier. House for sale? Realtors in and out? Company coming? Get the dog out of the house for the day and bring them to socialize and exercise.

Taking a day trip or shopping? Drop off on your way out or even the night before and we will have them happy and tired when you return.

Perfect for dogs who have separation anxiety, behavior problems such as chewing or barking. Great for socializing puppies or just great exercise for the dog who does not have enough at home. Dogs are pack animals by nature, they enjoy the company of other canines. Socialization with other dogs as well as new people is an important part of having a well behaved pet.


24 Hr. Care
As much as we would like to take our pets with us wherever we go, the sad truth is that often we simply cannot do so. Either the flights are too long, we do not want to put the animal through this or they do not allow pets or it is simply cost prohibitive. Our primary motivation is to provide a fun and safe place for your pets while allowing you to travel knowing your pet is in good hands with us. Our overnight dogs participate in our fun filled day care activities.

- NO Cages
- Comfy pen with raised bed.
- Monitored thru-out the night
Coming soon -Watch from home Security Camera's
- Pets personal toys and blankets welcomed


Monday thru Friday
Drop-off is after 7:00 a.m.
Pick-up is at 6 p.m.
($10.00/hr late charge will apply)

Full Day Rates

1 Day $29.00/day
3 Day Package $27.00/day
5 Day Package $25.00/day
10 Day Package $23.00/day

Half Day Rates

Morning 1/2 day: drop-off 7:00a.m.
pickup at 1 p.m.
Afternoon 1/2 day: drop-off 12 p.m. , pickup at 6p.m.

1 Half Day $19.00
5 Half Day Package $18.00/day
10 Half Day Package $17.00/day
20 Half Day Package $16.00/day
LATE FEES 10.00/hr


Flat Rate $34.00/night
Includes participation in our Day Care activities and snack.

Special rates available for multi-dog households.

Safety First
Your dog's safety is our primary concern. All of our dogs enjoy a fun yet structured day.

Our play area is securely contained on all sides.
The general public has no access to the dogs at any time.


Temperament Test (Personal Interview)
(We run a friendly day care, must be dog and people friendly)

Current Vet and shot record
Records (Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella)

Spayed or Neutered


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